7 Key Benefits of Embedding Instagram Feeds on Websites | 2021

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Instagram is a photo-sharing social media platform recognized globally. Incorporating content from such a wide social media channel on websites has its perks. In this guide, you’ll understand the benefits of Embedding Instagram Feeds on Websites.

Without further ado, we’ll be going through the benefits with a little overview of Instagram along with User-generated Content:

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Instagram along with UGC!

Instagram is a well-known photo-sharing platform available for iOS, Android and online web.

With 500 Million daily active users it has the potential to SHOWCASE your visuals to a wide audience and also expand your audience reach.

With continuous growth over the past 10 years, it has brought many updates and features for making the user experience fascinating. Clean User Interface and only visuals content make the app addictive.

Businesses and brands use the Instagram platform to educate users, create awareness and reach more potential users worldwide. They use it to display their products and services among their followers.

With the help of new features like Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels etc. Businesses can use the platform for promoting their products, upcoming events, new launches, company news etc.

However, the users use it to share their daily activities, achievement or experiences with their family and friends worldwide. 

Experiences can be astonishing in today’s marketing strategy. These experiences generate contents that can change classic traditional marketing into advanced marketing strategies.

What are these experiences?

Well, the experiences can be described as:

Suppose a user has purchased a new product or service. After using it for a while they share their valuable involvement over the different social media channels. It can be a positive or negative experience. This is what we all do in our usual life.

This experience generates content on Instagram commonly known as user-generated content. For marketing purposes, this UGC can be utilized by Businesses.

User-generated content plays a vital role as the word of mouth does in marketing. It influences users globally to make decisions. 

These contents are the bread crumbs for businesses to build a potential customer base. Businesses and brands are leveraging the UGC to power up their marketing game.

The simple life cycle of UGC:

  • It grows awareness among a new audience
  • Then it builds trust among them
  • When the trust is built, the new audience get influenced and come to a conclusion
  • These audiences then visit the business page to explore their products and services.
  • On finding the relevant product or services they make the purchase and share their experience with other people. Digitally or mouth to mouth.

Happy customers will again play the same UGC life cycle for your new audiences.

And the best solution to power up the UGC marketing game is to embed Instagram feeds on the websites.

Now, let’s dig deeper for understanding how embedding Instagram feeds on websites also known as Instagram widgets can be beneficial for businesses and brands. 

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7 key Benefits of Embedding Instagram Feeds on Websites

There are multiple benefits of embedding Instagram Feeds on websites for businesses. Some of the non-subjective benefits are:

1. Increase Dwell Time

Have you ever wondered why some websites on the same keyword are ranking higher than others on SERP? 

Well, the reason is simple, it’s because the visitors stay longer on those websites than others which increases the dwell time of the webpage and gives a positive point to the Google Algorithm for ranking higher.

The highly addictive & engaging platform “Instagram” on the website will engage and attract the visitors to shuffle through Instagram feeds and will boost the dwell time of the webpage.

2. Vibrancy to the Website UI

With the amazing features of Instagram widget tools, you can make a beautiful and appealing Instagram feeds widget for your website that gonna completely change the UI of the website and make it more user friendly and engaging.

3. Increase Social Reach

Showcasing the social media feeds on the website can increase the social followers for your social media account, How?

Well incorporating the amazing Instagram contents on the websites will increase the curiosity of the visitors to get connected with the businesses on Instagram and scroll through their other feeds.

4. Generate more UGC

Encourage the audiences for generating feeds based on your brand hashtag to get featured on the websites. When you display the user-generated content on the website it will motivate the users to create more content and publish. Like yes someone is viewing and responding to the post they have shared over the social network.

It is like getting featured on the magazine’s front page. The feeds integrated on websites are like a reward for publishing great content relevant to the brand by the users.

5. Build Trust

Build trust among one-time or first-time visitors by displaying what other users around the globe have to say about your products and services. 

Viewing such feeds will automatically build some sort of positive opinions for your business result to enlarge a gateway of trust investment for the brand.

6. Influence visitors with UGC

It is a human tendency that we believe in the experience of other users before buying a new product for self-satisfaction.

User-generated content or UGC works as a testimonial for businesses because the content that is generated by their customers and can influence others to make purchase decisions. It works like word of mouth but online.

7. Get Conversion

Conversion is the final goal for every business owner. After building trust and influencing users to make decisions brands need to suggest to them their different products based on their behaviors. 


Well, these were some of the non-subjective benefits of using Instagram Feeds on websites. Using this marketing strategy, you’ll be able to understand the subjective difference it can produce to grow your business exponentially.

Roll out your existing website webpage with the gradient of the tools for embedding Instagram feeds widget on your website.