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What is Instagram Widget?

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With slight overview lets understand what is Instagram Widget?

Talking about the time when Instagram was launched, social media took a swift turn towards advancement. Social platforms have now become the new hang-out destination for the people around.

Social media platforms, especially Instagram, have shaped the way people connect with each other. Initially introduced as a visuals sharing platform, Instagram is now one of the world’s most active social channels.

With the advancement of technology, it allowed its users to use the platform to expand their business. They can now leverage it to promote their brand and its products, announce a new product launch, display their specialties visually, and much more.

Users can either create an astonishing Instagram feed and promote it on the social platforms or embed their Instagram feeds on a website to display it on their professional Workfront. 

But displaying it on a website doesn’t mean copying and pasting the whole feed on the page; rather, it is done by creating an Instagram widget.

What exactly is Instagram Widget?

Instagram Widget is an easy-to-access display that can be triggered directly from the displayed screen without having to open the Instagram app. 

In simple words, it allows the users to display their latest Instagram stories, posts, visuals, and much more on the website’s homepage, sidebar, footer, or any other web page.

This widget lets the website visitors explore your Instagram profile without even leaving the page, i.e., your visitors can access your Instagram feed directly from the website’s page.

This is quite beneficial for brands and businesses and has helped many businesses grow their business on a large scale.

Some of the benefits of using Instagram feeds Widget are:

  • Give the users quick access to your Instagram profile
  • Embedding it on the website connects the social audiences with professional audiences.
  • Makes your brand and its Instagram profile easily available.
  • Instagram widget on the website gives it a vibrant and attractive look.
  • It provides you an authentic way of advertising it on the website.
  • Increases user engagement and interaction on the website
  • Generate more leads and drive conversions for the brand
  • It increases the dwell time of the users with its compelling content.
  • Accelerates sales and ROI

These benefits are just a few to be mentioned. Attracted by these benefits, many brands have started leveraging Instagram feeds for boosting sales and revenue.

This can be done by embedding it on the website. There are many aggregator tools that can help your brand integrate the exquisite Instagram feeds on the website in just a few simple steps.

So, create your Instagram Feed Widget now and magnify your sales like never before.