Instagram Feeds on websites

How To Embed Instagram Feeds On Websites

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Embedding Instagram Feeds on websites is a no-brainer. In this guide, you will find the different tools to embed Instagram Feeds on websites.

Every online business owner is focusing on reaching more and more audiences worldwide and that’s the reason they are using platforms like Instagram for marketing socially.

Instagram was introduced as a photo-sharing platform but later with upgrades and functionality, it is turned into a perfect visual sharing platform. It is mainly focused on sharing images and videos with text in the captions.

Instagram has a huge number of audiences worldwide. With over a billion monthly users Instagram is a great choice for businesses and brands.

The businesses and brands can use it for sharing the products and services information, newly launched products, sharing the product’s utilization guide etc.

Instagram is also a great User-Generated Content platform for businesses that have a good amount of followers and customers on it.

Businesses can utilize this UGC for their benefits using tools like a social media aggregator.

Some of the popular aggregation tools are Taggbox, Tagembed, Lightwidget etc. You can use any of these tools to embed Instagram feeds on your Websites. 

Let’s learn more about these tools and their features: 

Best Tools to Embed Instagram Feeds On Website

Based on the features, affordability, productivity and support here are some of the best Instagram widget tools available in the market to help you reach your goal.

1. Tagembed

Tagembed is a free forever social media aggregation tool that helps you collect and curate Instagram posts and make a beautiful Instagram feeds widget for your website.

It is a powerful tool based on the sophisticated features available for making the user experience better and engaging. 

Amazing features of Tagembed are:

  • Moderation – Choose which feeds to be displayed and not before making feeds live.
  • Profanity Filter – Profanity filter lets you filter out the explicit content from Instagram even before aggregating so that you have the quality content.
  • Custom CSS – Custom CSS is an extra feature for the developers to make the widget more responsive and amazing according to your business requirements.
  • Custom Posts – With custom posts you can embed your post into the widget to display any useful information to the viewers.
  • Real-Time Updates – Get your feeds automatically updated on your website as soon as a new post gets published on Instagram.
  • Analytics – Understand the behavior of your audience like sentiments, trending words, top contributors, etc. 
  • Customization & Personalization – With more than 8 themes, you customize your widget design and layout to best fit your website. Use these beautiful themes to enhance the look and feel of your Instagram widget and add fonts, colors, banners, CTA, etc. to make it exclusive. 

To make the quality content there are many other features that can be used for displaying the visitors.

Powerful content curation methods that are used for aggregating are:

  • Hashtags (#)
  • Mentions (@)
  • Handles (@)
  • Tagged

Are some of the methods that can be used to aggregate the quality contents and exact content based on the keyword entered.

So, after aggregating the content using the above methods you can use the above-sophisticated features for making the widget content more appealing and attractive to the visitors.

Steps to embed Instagram feeds widget on the website using Tagembed:

  1. Create a Tagembed account for free.
  2. Aggregate the content from Instagram using the aggregation method mentioned above.
  3. Make the aggregated feeds more appealing and amazing using the sophisticated features.
  4. Create the embedding URL code by clicking on the GET CODE.
  5. Copy the Embed code and paste it into the backend of the website webpage.

Tagembed supports a huge website platform so that you can easily embed Instagram Feeds on any website.

Enjoy the feel of live and attractive Instagram Feeds on your website and engage your visitors with alluring Instagram content.

2. Official Instagram

Instagram itself provides an embedding feature right from the Instagram post to the website.

You just have to click on the three dots above the post and then select embed and the embed code will be generated.

Copy the code and paste it into the backend of the website webpage.

Though it is free it comes with some limitations such as:

  • You have to embed the Instagram posts one by one.
  • Cannot customize the feed widget.
  • Fetching appropriate content from the huge library of Instagram posts.

This becomes hectic sometimes when there are multiple feeds relevant to your business.

3. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox widget is another powerful and robust Instagram feeds embedding tool that completely deals with fetching, curating, and displaying an amazing Instagram widget on your website.

Features and Taggbox supports together makes an amazing all-in-one UGC tool.

Features like:

  • Custom Posts
  • Custom CSS
  • Moderation
  • Profanity Filter
  • Analytics
  • Real-Time Update
  • Themes and Layout
  • Fonts, banners etc for personalization.

And many more that make the user experience smooth, reliable and make the widget responsive for viewing.

The complete UGC solution platform, features aren’t completed until we talk about the aggregating methods.

  • Hashtags (#)
  • Mentions (@)
  • Handles (@)
  • Tagged

Taggbox Widget supports most of the CMS platforms making it compatible to display and integrate responsive Instagram Widget on any website.

Using these easy to use aggregating methods, businesses can take their UGC game-play to the next level.

4. Light Widget

Light Widget is a simple and light tool for embedding Instagram feeds on websites.

You can aggregate the complete feeds from Instagram and then filter them out based on the hashtag you want.

With 3 layout options like grid, slideshow and columns you can customize the widget accordingly.

Generate the code from the tool and paste it into your website to complete the Instagram integration process.

Design your layout using the custom CSS option.


Today’s growing technology has brought some of the best tools and ways to embed Instagram Feeds on websites. 

Above are some of the best tools that most of the businesses and brands use today to grow their business exponentially.

Choose the social media aggregator tool wisely according to your business requirements to make the most of it.