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Reposting On Instagram? Legalities & Obligations Brands Should Know

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Are you reposting on Instagram? Well, more than 76% of user-generated content is trustworthy instead of branded content. It is one of the effective options to boost engagement, build trust, brand loyalty, etc for your Brand’s Instagram account for free.

But is it legal to do so?

Absolutely not; the terms of service of Instagram clearly says that using others’ content for advertising or reposting it on your Instagram account is clearly an infringement of social media copyrights. 

No one is allowed to reuse the content of the other. Neither you can copy nor modify it for your benefit and gain profits. 

If any breach of these rights is noticed by the authorities or users’ claims for their content; your brand is responsible for it and has to pay a massive fine to content owners. 

Thus brands need to learn and understand the legalities of using user-generated content before reposting it on Instagram. 

This blog has a precise guide that will guide you and keep your brand safe from unwanted legal troubles. 

Let’s learn these legal obligations to repost on Instagram rightfully. 

Instagram Terms and Conditions To Repost

Instagram, in its terms of service, tries to answer brands and marketers mostly asked the question. “Is reposting on Instagram legal?” “Can they use other’s Instagram posts on their account?”

As mentioned earlier, you cannot use others’ content to generate profit and promote your brand. If you do so, then you are breaking the Instagram policies. 

Instagram Terms of Use: using others created content or intellectual property of Instagram users is a violation of content rights. This increases the threat of legal challenges while reposting on Instagram. 

Instagram understands the content creators’ ownership rights and wants to safeguard its efforts. So that they can create and share unique content on the platform. 

Taking photographers, artists, musicians, and other content rights into consideration? Instagram introduces strict terms of service to maintain and protect their copyright. 

Also, Instagram policies say that people are ultimately responsible for the content they shared on the platform. This means you are safe to repost on Instagram as long as you have consent from the content owner. 

But Why To Repost On Instagram?

People find user-generated content more trustworthy than the brand created content. It also increases the dwell time of the platform as they spend time to explore more about your brand. 

Asking for the content’s rights and acquiring permission from the content owner may seem complicated but it is worth your efforts.

Also, it is a great way to leverage the content on your Instagram account for free that is compelling, engaging, and attractive to your brand fans. 

Reposting on Instagram is also beneficial for brands and marketers with a lower budget. Creating professional and branded content may require lots of money and effort. 

No matter how qualitative content you create. User-generated content still works best to build trust and boost your brand’s engagement rate. 

How To Lawfully Repost On Instagram

The only concern while reposting on Instagram is that you should not breach the copyright of the user’s created content. 

It is essential to acknowledge the efforts of the content owner.

To maintain the integrity of social content and lawfully to practice it; here are some reposting rules that you should follow:

#Rule 1: Always Ask Permission From The Owner

The first and foremost step to lawfully utilize user-generated content is by taking permission directly from the content owner.

As people are responsible for their created content (stated in Instagram Terms of Use); you can safely mold UGC as long as you have permission from the owner to use it.

You can ask permission from the user in the comment section, hashtag consent, or drop them a dm. 

Make sure you send the image along that you want to repost for the smooth process. 

#Rule 2: Explicitly Define Your Terms Of Use

Another way of lawfully practicing user-generated content for reposting is to clearly define the Terms of Use; while running a hashtag campaign. 

In this Terms of Use, you have to define the usage of the content with your hashtag. 

It is the best way to gain the consent of the users automatically. Also, it will help your legal team to take a stand if anyone takes action against your brand.

#Rule 3: Use Rights Management Tools To Ensure Legal Proof

If you want to use the UGC outside your hashtag campaign and make it a part of your brand advertising; then the Rights Management tool is the best option for you. 

This tool is the most professional and legitimate way of gaining content rights from users. It is the best option for brands and marketers who want to utilize UGC lawfully for marketing purposes. Also, don’t want the legal team to face any unwanted consequences. 

With the help of the Rights management tool, you can collect, curate, and send a request to the users.

Once they accept the request you can use the content with full freedom in your marketing campaign. 

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Step-Up Your Game!

Reposting on Instagram is a very prominent and effective strategy for brands and marketers to promote their products and services. 

As there are millions of active users on Instagram, a plethora of user-generated content is updated on the platform daily. 

This increases the scope and opportunities for the brand to integrate the useful content into their marketing strategy. 

Hence, following the above-mentioned rules, you can easily repost on Instagram. Also, keep your brand image on the safer side without breaching content laws.